Communicating with Millennials

"The first step for bridging the communication gap is to better understand the other perspective."

The workplace has become a psychological battlefield and the millennials have the upper hand because they are tech savvy, with every gadget imaginable almost becoming an extension of their bodies. They multitask, talk, walk, listen and type, and text. And their priorities are simple: they come first.”

What will you learn in this course?

  • Explain generational differences and their impact on modern workforce
  • Gain an understanding of the millennial generation cultural shifts
  • Learn how to lead, motivate and retain millennials
  • Develop & manage authentic relationships
  • Articulate communication and work styles of millennials
  • Describe the factors that influence and help determine where one generation stops, and another begins
  • Strategy: A framework to train millennials on how to be more strategic
  • Provide foundational understanding of Millennials and generations for your organization
  • Improving productivity and engagement through proven frameworks that increase collaboration across the multi-generation workplace
  • Millennials and feedback: Breaking through generational presumptions
  • Technology in the Workplace: A Double-Edged Sword

Who is this course for?

Professionals of all levels dealing with different generations in the workplace. 

Learning Methodology 

  • Face to face or webinar
  • Group discussions
  • Individual and team activities
  • Individual test
  • Case studies
  • Practical activities
  • Role plays
  • Small projects
  • Video recording/play back
  • Individual action plans