Impact of Body Language

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said."

The ability to understand body language is a powerful skill that will help you interpret what people are saying unconsciously. Known as “non-verbal communication”, body language represents 55% of person-to-person communications, so learning how to use it and read it will give you a real advantage in improving your ability to communicate with others both in the workplace and at home. 

SkillsPlus body language course will provide you a great advantage in your daily communications. It will provide you with a great set of skills to understand that what is not said is just as important than what is said. It will also give you the ability to see and understand how your own Body Language is being seen. You will be able to adjust and improve the way you communicate through non‐verbal communications There are also cultural differences to take into consideration as some cultures have very vivid and wild gesturing while others are very somber and reserve.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Understand the range of nonverbal behaviours that comprise ‘body language’
  • Learn how to translate gestures into words
  • Comprehend the nuances of handshakes and touch
  • Recognize the difference between open & closed body language and understand what non-verbal message you send across
  • Learn best practices of how to avoid common body language mistakes and increase ability to match your body language to words
  • Gain insight into the differences in body language between genders and develop ability to read facial expressions
  • What is eye contact telling you? Interpret non-verbal communication to strengthen negotiation skills strengthen
  • Develop ability to read body language across cultures and successfully adapt to different situations
  • Match words with movement to instill trust and win the client on your side
  • Know how body language can expose deception and identify body language signs that will help bring effective decisions in challenging situations

Who is this course for?

Professionals who are facing internal and external stakeholders, sales representatives, HR personnel, customer service representatives, manager, negotiators and all other individuals in need of increasing understanding of non-verbal communication.

 Learning methodology

  • Face to face or webinar
  • Group discussions
  • Individual and team activities
  • Case studies & Practical activities
  • Role plays
  • Projects
  • Video recording/play back
  • Individual test & Individual action plans