Integrated Marketing Communication

“Good marketing, makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

Integrated marketing is the holistic approach to communication in marketing. It is making sure that you are being consistent in your marketing both online and offline. Consistency is key in making sure that consumers understand your marketing message, the consistency in that message will lead to better results on getting them to act and ultimately impact your return on your investment (ROI). The organisation simultaneously consolidates its image, develops a dialogue, and nurtures its relationship with customers. At its most basic level, a unified message has more impact than a disjointed myriad of messages

SkillsPlus Integrated Marketing Communication course aims to develop an appreciation and understanding of the individual elements of the marketing communication mix: with emphasis on advertising and direct marketing, and including interactive media, sales promotion and public relations. Further, the course examines how these may be managed as an integrated programme to implement and support the marketing strategy.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Apply a conceptual framework for the organisation, planning and control of the marketing communication process.
  • Evaluate marketing communications’ role in the marketing mix, considering the specific functions of consumer behaviour and research in the planning of an integrated marketing communications campaign
  • Prepare online and offline advertisements, public relations, and sales promotion materials considering both client requirements and budget limitations
  • Determine effective and efficient media placement for marketing communications messages
  • Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between marketing communications and branding strategy
  • Determine appropriate segmentation and positioning strategies for the development of an integrated marketing communications plan
  • Examine how integrated marketing communications help to build brand identity and brand relationship and create brand equity through brand synergy.
  • Choose marketing communications mix to achieve the communications and behavioural objectives of the IMC campaign plan
  • Present a brief verbal presentation to the class showing insight and analysis
  • Understand your market and develop strategy to launch a new product

Who is this course for?

Individuals eager to improve their career, executives, directors, team leaders and managers seeking to improve organisation image, branding and marketing communications.

Learning methodology

  • Face to face or webinar
  • Group discussions
  • Individual and team activities
  • Individual test
  • Case studies
  • Practical activities
  • Role plays
  • Small projects
  • Video recording/play back
  • Individual action plans